Friday Update: 12 Exar Kun Wallpapers

This Friday update was about the rise and fall of Exar Kun. I felt the video had some pretty sweet artwork in it that deserved some closer inspection.

Exar Kun, Revan and, Malak.

Exar Kun On Yavin

Exar Kun In Sith Temple #1

Exar Kun In Sith Temple #2

Exar Kun Leading Massassi

Exar Kun Rallies Massassi

Exar Kun Leads The Charge

Qel-Droma Shows Up To The Fight

Exar Kun And Qel-Droma Clash

The Brotherhood Is Formed

Exar Kun With His Lightsaber

Exar Kun Performing Ritual

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New SWTOR Concept Art!

This art is done by Marek Okon and was commissioned by Lucas Arts/ Bioware. All of his images are absolutely amazing, and I highly recommend you go to his site and check everything out fully. Here is all his The Old Republic art though.




Battlefield Panorama


Bounty Hunter

Darth Malgus

Jedi Consular

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19 High Resolution Pictures of Jedi

These were taken from the designing the lightside video. You may use any picture you wish so long as you give credit to me. Enjoy!

Armor/Lightsaber Concept Pictures:
Armor 1

Armor 2

Armor 3

Lightsaber Concept 1

Lightsaber Concept 2

Jedi Consular/Knight Pictures:
Consular Stealth

Neo? Oh no just a Jedi…

Jedi Getting Ready to Attack Droids

Jedi Decimating Droids

Jedi Consular

Jedi Knight

Cool Armor, Bro

A Cool Stance

Training in A Classroom


Jedi Council member?

Just Chillin’ Using the Force

**2 Bonus Screen Shots**
A Beard

Beautiful Architectural Design

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High Resolution Smuggler Pictures

Here are some nice screen grabs I got from the latest smuggler preview video. As always you are free to use any images you wish, so long as you give me credit for them. Enjoy!

Taking Cover Behind A Wall

Dual Wielding


Falcon Punch!

Smuggler At The Bar

Smuggler Or Ninja?

It’s Raining Men!

Reach For The Sky!

Smuggler Hacking?

Smuggler And What Appears To Be Transportation Behind Him

A Smuggler With His Ship

Stealth Action

What A Wookiee!

A Beautiful View Of Ord Mantell

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Pictures of All Class Ships

I’ve had these for a long time now, and have posted them on the forums. Here are pictures for all class ships, so take a look at these before Bioware even tells you about them.

Class Ships

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter Ship – Side

Imperial Agent

Jedi Consular/Knight

Sith Inquisitor/Warrior



Misc. Ship Pictures

Ship Damage

Enemy Ship Health GUI

Ship Lock on

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19 High Res Screenshots from PAX

Jedi Pictures:

Jedi Meditating


Lightsaber Creation

Lightsaber Creation Begenning

Lightsaber Creation Middle

Lightsaber Creation End

Jedi Wearing One Shoulder Pad As Armor

Monster Hunting Jedi

Republic and Empire Armor Pictures:
Republic Low Level Armor

Republic High Level Armor

Empire Low Level Armor

Empire High Level Armor

Combat and Misc. Pictures:

Sith Battle

Sith Killed

Let The Battle Begin

Big Robot

Alternative View Of Robot


Landscape And Massive Building

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