16 New Screenshots of SWTOR

It’s that time again. I’ve taken 15 new screenshots from the crafting video this Friday. Bioware – excellent video, lots of interesting details once you break it down. I was very impressed. We see 2 new companions, Skadge and 2V-R8. See that the Black Sun are in SWTOR. We also see for the first time an up close shot of the player ship for the Bounty Hunter. If you look at the missions you can send your companions on, it shows how long the mission will take, and also how many credits it will cost you.

Speeder Bike



Crafting Station

It’s Coming Right For Us!

Nice….PKE Meter

Crew Skills and Missions


Battle In Front Of A Sandcrawler – No Jawas In Sight 😦


Black Sun

Frozen In Carbonite

Missions: Diplomacy

Player Bounty Hunter Ship

Mission Reward

Do Work

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