23 Screen Grabs From The Warzone Video.

The latest Friday Update revealed a bit more on the Warzones. It appears the encounters may be 5v5 or maybe 10v10. The most people I’ve counted on screen at once is 9, and I think half of them were companions.

Main Cannon


Window View

The Sith Attack Squad

Speeder Bikes (on rails unfortunately)

The Republic Attack Squad

A bounty Hunter Using A Holo Display


Jedi Vs. Sith

Jedi Vs. Sith 2

Jedi Throwing A Boulder (Awesome!!)


Force Lightning

Take A Boulder To The Face!

Turret Online

Battle Royal

Action Shot


A Bounty Hunters Back Mounted Rocket Launcher

More Lightning(Nice Effects!)

Whats Up With Her Eye?

A Jedi is Slain


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