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16 New Screenshots of SWTOR

It’s that time again. I’ve taken 15 new screenshots from the crafting video this Friday. Bioware – excellent video, lots of interesting details once you break it down. I was very impressed. We see 2 new companions, Skadge and 2V-R8. … Continue reading

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Vote To Name The Jedi Consular Advanced Class!

Bioware, showing they listen to the community and the feedback they provide have reached out and given us the power to rename the Jedi Consular Advanced Class (currently named Wizard). You can pick from 4 options: Jedi Sage, Jedi Seer, … Continue reading

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23 Screen Grabs From The Warzone Video.

The latest Friday Update revealed a bit more on the Warzones. It appears the encounters may be 5v5 or maybe 10v10. The most people I’ve counted on screen at once is 9, and I think half of them were companions. … Continue reading

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