19 High Resolution Pictures of Jedi

These were taken from the designing the lightside video. You may use any picture you wish so long as you give credit to me. Enjoy!

Armor/Lightsaber Concept Pictures:
Armor 1

Armor 2

Armor 3

Lightsaber Concept 1

Lightsaber Concept 2

Jedi Consular/Knight Pictures:
Consular Stealth

Neo? Oh no just a Jedi…

Jedi Getting Ready to Attack Droids

Jedi Decimating Droids

Jedi Consular

Jedi Knight

Cool Armor, Bro

A Cool Stance

Training in A Classroom


Jedi Council member?

Just Chillin’ Using the Force

**2 Bonus Screen Shots**
A Beard

Beautiful Architectural Design

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