This isn’t the droid you are looking for

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15 New Flashpoint Screenshots.

Imperial Complex

The Claw! (also some Terentateks).

Jedi Prisoner

Yoda Species!

To Battle

Jedi Using The Force To Blow Up Environmental Objects!

I want that guys helmet please.

Saber Throw At “The Boss”

Twi’lek Smuggler

Boss Down!

New Stealth Effect?

They Have Made Armor More Shiny

Back Block(Awesome)


Get To The Choppa!

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Finally an update! – 18 New Screenshots From the Trooper Video

Finally Bioware posts another video that I can break down and post some nice screen grabs from. So without further ado…

Trooper Briefing

A View From Above

Salute!(I love all the armor nicks and dings).

Troop Transport

Is That Master Cheif on that Poster? No really who is that?


Rappelling In The Background

Murdered Out Armor

Like A Boss

Home Run!

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Mad Sith Is Mad

Weapon Reload





**Bonus Ord Mantell View**

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16 New Screenshots of SWTOR

It’s that time again. I’ve taken 15 new screenshots from the crafting video this Friday. Bioware – excellent video, lots of interesting details once you break it down. I was very impressed. We see 2 new companions, Skadge and 2V-R8. See that the Black Sun are in SWTOR. We also see for the first time an up close shot of the player ship for the Bounty Hunter. If you look at the missions you can send your companions on, it shows how long the mission will take, and also how many credits it will cost you.

Speeder Bike



Crafting Station

It’s Coming Right For Us!

Nice….PKE Meter

Crew Skills and Missions


Battle In Front Of A Sandcrawler – No Jawas In Sight ūüė¶


Black Sun

Frozen In Carbonite

Missions: Diplomacy

Player Bounty Hunter Ship

Mission Reward

Do Work

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Vote To Name The Jedi Consular Advanced Class!

Bioware, showing they listen to the community and the feedback they provide have reached out and given us the power to rename the Jedi Consular Advanced Class (currently named Wizard).

You can pick from 4 options: Jedi Sage, Jedi Seer, Jedi Adept, and you can also choose Jedi Wizard. At the time of this post, Jedi Sage is in the lead with 55% of the votes.

So make sure you click the link to cast your vote before December 2nd!

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23 Screen Grabs From The Warzone Video.

The latest Friday Update revealed a bit more on the Warzones. It appears the encounters may be 5v5 or maybe 10v10. The most people I’ve counted on screen at once is 9, and I think half of them were companions.

Main Cannon


Window View

The Sith Attack Squad

Speeder Bikes (on rails unfortunately)

The Republic Attack Squad

A bounty Hunter Using A Holo Display


Jedi Vs. Sith

Jedi Vs. Sith 2

Jedi Throwing A Boulder (Awesome!!)


Force Lightning

Take A Boulder To The Face!

Turret Online

Battle Royal

Action Shot


A Bounty Hunters Back Mounted Rocket Launcher

More Lightning(Nice Effects!)

Whats Up With Her Eye?

A Jedi is Slain


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24 New Screen Shots of Imperial Agent!

Here are 24 new screen shots taken from the new Imperial Agent Video

Targets Aquired

Amazing Armor Detail

Standing Strong

Firing Rifle

Look Behind You!


You Die Tonight

Don’t Kill Me

Your Next

Jedi With Guards

Jedi Sensing His Fate

Shot Fired

Head Shot (back and to the left)

Imperial Agents -Setting Us Up The Bomb

Taking Cover

Imperial Agent Stealth (Work Need Done On The Shadow Graphics)

Imperial Agent – Droid

Portable Cover

The Big Guns

Calling In Airstrike

Death From Above

Attention To Detail (Blurry but you can see the actual artillery rounds).

Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions

Dromund Kass View

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